Nintendo Switch Dock travel mod

Nintendo switch travel dock mod. OEM Switch dock downsized by 75% to make it easier to take with you! requires a USB-C extension to connect to the console, but its easier to carry around! Stock will be added on a weekly basis (most likely on a weekend afternoon) as I can create supply of these cases. Occasionally I will add other colors to the inventory on my site, and will also have a custom order form that I will work my way through. Links to the DIY kits below!

Im trying to make these as often as possible, but havent been able to keep up, if you need a dock soon, id probably recommend you check out some of the other users' docks available through bigger 3d printing companies as they can probably have a pretty quick turn around for you. Sorry :[

Online inventory (Will be first come first serve)

Basic assembly (crappy video, will be replaced asap)


Disclaimer: This project will most likely void your warranty (may extend to your switch as well). I'm not responsible for damage to any of your Switch products or accessories caused from disassembly/assembly nor use of this modded case.


Sorry for blasting disclaimers everywhere but I need to make sure people understand this isn't a sanctioned accessory or product. Its a modification and if you rather not deal with a potentially warranty-less dock OR switch... Don't buy one of these.