Plain, Matte Clear, Nintendo Dock

Plain, Matte Clear, Nintendo Dock


This is an acrylic case replacement for the OEM nintendo switch dock to increase portability. This is for a DIY kit, not an assembled dock. The kit will come unassembled, in a bag with the masking still on the acrylic pieces.

So heres the not so fun stuff before you order:

It does NOT include the electronics, nor the rubber bumpers. This product also does NOT include engraving. It is simply a replacement case for the Dock internals. 


basic assembly video

I am not responsible for any warranties voided on your dock, switch, or accessories, nor damage that comes from using this mod. There have been some concerns about heating while the switch is horizontal, I dont have any information of what can happen in the long term so if you choose to use this mod, you are doing so at your own risk.


Tools needed:

-Triwing screwdriver (many electronic tool kits include this, there may be other ways to remove the screws on the dock though)

-small Phillips head screwdriver (should be something you already have at home)


Kit includes:

Acrylic Plates and pieces (unassembled, masking on all the pieces will need to be removed)

6x Case Standoffs (may be black nylon or 3d printer white/clear based on availability)

4x PCB Standoffs

12x M3 Case screws

8x M2 PCB screws


What you will need to source yourself:

Nintendo Dock

USB-C extension cable

Rubber bumpers if you want.


If you want to order custom colors or get custom engravings etc, Please fill out this form. The custom colors will have a large turn around and I will process them as they come in. I will use your information from the form to send you an invoice through Paypal. It may take some amount of time before you hear back from me for the custom orders. Make sure to check my inventory every so often as sometimes I will have multiples of different colors available


Cases will be shipped out within a week of your order

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